The Business

At Zoom Digital Solutions, it’s all about big agency results with a lean methodology – the best of both worlds! We are a collaborative & highly specialised online sales & marketing web development collective agency. We specialise in:

  • Digital Strategy
  • Web Design and Web Builds
  • Digital Sales and Marketing
  • Other business, consultancy and project services

Our team provides comprehensive solutions and services in the areas of consulting, strategy, interactive marketing, project management, creative and content services, application development and infrastructure support.

The Story So Far

Zoom Digital Solutions  was borne out of the creative partnership of Zoom Internet Marketing & Atomic Media. Libby Bawden (our Director of Strategy & Sales Operations) has been in the industry since 1997, with Taki Konstan (our Director of Strategy & Design) having entered the fray in 1996.

Libby & Taki identified the need for an agency that combined big agency mentality with lean practicality. Enter Zoom Digital Solutions. With no shortage of passion or of feathers in caps, our wonderful leaders drew together their teams of professionals with the simple aim of helping the bottom line of our clients.

For us, it’s all about the heart – fostering partnerships with trust and respect; getting right to the heart of your business; and, ultimately, capturing the hearts and minds of customers. We want to change the world one website and one business at a time.

So why choose us over other agencies? Zoom in on The Why.