Our View

We believe in responsible truthful digital marketing – no bull, no gimmicks no flashy sales pitch! We provide fair and reasonable pricing for hard work with a guarantee of service & results – delivered with integrity & truth.

Misleading Information

As consumers, we are sick of being lied to or misled – aren’t you? Our Clients value truth and value our passion for always trying to get it right for them – it’s just how we are made.

How we deliver

Some call us overly responsible! So much so we need to utilise not only Australian labour but offshore resources as the cost of services and availability of IT professionals is higher here at home. We are a team of perfectionists and the amount of work required to provide our Clients with current Digital best practice can often be cost prohibitive to some business so we offer our offshore integrated team in these cases. It also gives us access to a 24 hour roster which is great when we are busting a tight deadline for a particular project.

Creating Jobs

We use access to offshore resources to create more jobs in Australia by keeping more small & medium family owned businesses and integrity based businesses in the game. We are personally sick of the large corporates pretending to care and robbing us all blind… aka Banks, Supermarket chains.


Digital Landscape is often described as ‘another planet’ and other language – we try and navigate the way and bridge the gap for our customers so it’s easier for them to understand. We do the heavy lifting so they can run their business but we make sure they know and understand the work we are doing so they always feel in control. We even have a glossary of commonly used terms.


Time is the currency of the digital world! Every moment is tracked and counted and costs. The more, legible, comprehensive and organised the information you provide us with – the less it will cost. The easier you make it in understanding your business, products, and services – the less it will cost.


The cost of employing Digital Marketing and IT Professionals varies greatly depending on the set up. Most Digital & Media Communications Agencies & any good Solo Contractor’s usually charge anywhere between $100 – $395 per hour.

Here are some indications of pricing for related services:

Web Development Projects $3,000 – $100,000 +
SEO Services $395 – $8,000 per month
Social Media Campaigns $300 – $7,000 per month
SEM/Adwords Campaign Management $195 – $975 per month
Digital Public Relations $150 – $395 hourly

Giving Back

We REALLY want to make a difference – we want to share our expertise and skills to bless others. We can all give to Charity, Tithe and donate. Rather than just give to grandiose or Politically correct and worthwhile causes we also want to give back to businesses in need. We do this via our Pro Bono system. If you know of a business or individual that is in need of help please let us know. We don’t want to just sit happy and fat on our lounges surveying all our nice things whilst other suffer – we would rather go without and live on a shoestring and be happy in our work. Why can’t a digital business also be charity – doesn’t it start at home? It’s important to note that we don’t expect our other clients to foot the bill of our value system. We charge them lower prices so we also bless their business. We believe in the universal consciousness or Holy Spirit inspired shift away from ‘Greed is Good’. We are going against the stream we work with low overheads, flexible workforce but exceeding expectations of service and professionalism. We want to enjoy our own life and also give back – not to line our own pockets or our shareholders. But there is a place also in business for that – it’s just not here!


We are a team of passionate, committed, responsible professionals that are all bound by a moral code of truth, transparency and striving harder each day to live to our own potential. This means that our clients reap the rewards of a switched on, energised team where doing the basics isn’t an options. We strive for excellence in innovation and passion for our clients.

Always available

You can contact any of our team 7 days if required. Your account manage is available on mobile 7 days, via email, messenger or face to face. We value Sunday as a day of rest however if you have a technical emergency – we are always around to assist.


Trust is so important to us – as is truth in all our dealings. You can trust us to work harder for you to deliver Digital excellence in web development as well as all things internet and digital so we need to be able to trust you. Trust you to pay your bills on time and provide us with accurate business information. We need you also to be responsible in your actions to us – so many things and miscommunications can occur whilst we all ride on the information super highway – that’s why a relationship of accountability, transparency and honesty must underpin all of our client services – it goes both ways. If we get it wrong we say it and we expect our clients do the same. We can always work to a solution and happy endings are the norm! We want our clients to prosper and get home to their family or loved ones feeling blessed and less stressed because of their digital strategy – not the other way around!

As marketers we understand how brands and companies use misleading information to sell products and we reject that notion! We work with other businesses that believe enough in their people, products, and services to stand proud – cream always rises to the top. It’s the same with Google rankings!


We meet virtually, face to face and phone all over the world. Our team and your direct contact is Australian based.

Authentic, value based digital marketing agency

Digital marketing agency for small to medium business that used to attract buyers from YP. Work of mouth – no sales gimmicks!

Keep it real philosophy

Get to the heart. Forensically explore your needs or go with a broad brief.

Your outsourced marketing specialists – we are like a part of your team!