Appears in the top of search results in Google, usually two or three listings with a pale orange background – then continues down the right hand side of the page.

Your ad will appear when certain criteria are met such as the key phrases searched for and the location of the user at the time.

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Your campaign will be managed by a

Google Adwords – Qualified Individual



    Target your customers by city or country:

  • Melbourne
  • Sydney
  • Adelaide
  • Brisbane
  • Hobart
  • Darwin
  • Canberra


  • Instantly target relevant customers within 24 hours

Return on Investment (ROI):

  • You’re guaranteed traffic within 24 hours of launching your Google Adwords campaign.


  • We track conversions to give you the best results for your money

What can you expect?

  • Instant traffic that converts into customers & sales
  • Monitor and lower cost per click and overall spend
  • Track conversions to ensure maximum ROI

How we will get you results:

  • Research your website, industry and competitors to recommend what will work best for you
  • Implement keywords and design ad copy that converts clicks to sales
  • Track and monitor your campaign to ensure it is working efficiently for you
  • Continually upgrade your campaign, working towards lowering your cost per click and overall Google Adwords/PPC spend

The Approach:

  • Target customers via geographic location (target all of Australia or just a city)
  • Accurately target customers using high converting keywords
  • Target specific devices i.e. computer and/or iPhone/iPad
  • Various methods to attract attention: text ads, maps, Site links and click to call


  • Instant traffic within 24 hours
  • We work within your budget. No budget too small or large!
  • Close tracking and reporting to ensure click-spend is working efficiently


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Initial 6 months Campaign. Costs will reduce once campaign has stabilised & the amount of time spent managing, analyzing and refining the campaign is.

5 AD groups

UP TO50phrases
Addition key phrases
may be allocated where
phrases are replicated
across categories.$495 setup + $360 Monthly Maintenance
click spend
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10 AD groups

UP TO100phrases
Addition key phrases
may be allocated where
phrases are replicated
across categories.$795 setup + $540 Monthly Maintenance
click spend
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1 – 5 additional Ad Groups

UP TO50phrases
Click Spend = $20
per day

$105 – $225 Monthly Maintenance
click spend
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