cPanel Web Hosting

  • Australian Based Data Centre
  • 100% Australian Owned & Operated
  • 24/7 365 days a year support
  • Highest security web hosting
  • Guarantee hardware reliability
  • Sites hosted on high quality Super Servers
  • Guaranteed latest technology hardware replacement
  • Weekly Site Backups
  • Fast, secure & redundant network for superfast download speeds
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Hosting Plan Packages


$499+ GST / year
  • 5GB Storage Space
  • 100GB Monthly Data
  • Free Setup

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$999+ GST / year
  • 10GB Storage Space
  • 200GB Monthly Data
  • Free Setup

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$1499 + GST / year
  • 15GB Storage Space
  • 500GB Monthly Data
  • Free Setup

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Priceon Application
  • 20GB Storage Space
  • 800GB Monthly Data
  • Free Setup

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    All packages include the following features:


    Scripting Technologies:


    Email Features:

  • Gross Emailbox Storage – Unlimited
  • POP3, IMAP, Webmail – Unlimited
  • Google Mail, Office365 – Unlimited
  • Spam Assassin, Forwarders – Unlimited
  • Auto Responders – Unlimited
  • Catch-All Address – Unlimited
  • Mailing Lists – Unlimited
  • FREE Setup


  • Parked Domains – Unlimited
  • Sub Domains – Unlimited


  • MySQL Databases – Unlimited

    Supported CMS:

  • Magento
  • WordPress
  • Joomla
  • Drupal
  • SugarCRM
  • CubeCart
  • osCommerce
  • Moodle


  • Online control panel
  • DNS zone management
  • Web statistics
  • 24/7 phone & email support

    Payment Terms:

  • Pay 12 months period in advance and get 5% discount via Direct Deposit or Debit only.
  • Or Pay 6 months period in advance via Direct Deposit or Debit only.
  • Please note if you choose to pay your invoice by Credit Card a 3% Merchant Fee will also be applied.

Zoom Digital Customer Guarantee

  • We guarantee to solve any problem
  • Whatever it takes, we do it. Our support engineers are experienced Microsoft, Linux and Cisco certified developers with intelligent, informed solutions for any issue or problem. We will stay with a problem and escalate it until it is resolved, no matter whether it is application, operating system or firmware based.

  • We guarantee Support, Day or Night
  • Daytime query or night-time emergency our service provider has a trained support person on the phone with you.

  • We guarantee to respond quickly
  • Responses to queries, solutions to problems, actions and reactions – we promise that everything we do for you is fast and effective.

  • We guarantee the highest security
  • If your data is sensitive or there are privacy issues, Zoom Digital can give you a total security solution that meets the highest level of security.

  • We guarantee hardware reliability
  • Our service provider use only Dell rack servers because Dell provides Zoom Digital with an enterprise grade solution that is backed up with a 3 year same day warranty service.

  • We guarantee help when you need it most
  • We believe that it is our responsibility to help you recover from real or potential disasters – major or minor. Our job starts when you have a problem (day or night). It ends when you are ‘live’ and your application is working again. Your problem is our problem.

  • We guarantee a growth path
  • Start as small as you need to… grow as big as you want to be. We’ll help you get there. Zoom Digital guarantees never to ‘lock you in’, so you’ll never be limited by inadequate or outdated technology. If you need an upgrade, we do it.

  • We guarantee we’ll work with you
  • We have a wealth of experience and are a valuable business partner. We’ll work with you from the beginning of a project and see you through to the end. Where appropriate, we can support your marketing and sales efforts.


Why Choose Zoom Digital Hosting Services?

  • 100% Australian Owned with We’re here to stay
  • We only use 100% Australian based Servers within a Melbourne based data centre to provide you with unparalleled security, stability and service. Our Hosting provider own’s the building outright, the equipment and all technology associated with the datacenter. We hear all too often from clients who joined a ‘cheap’ offshore hosting company based on pricing alone only to wake up one morning and realize their web site, email accounts and associated services are gone. This can cripple a business and make you almost un-contactable.

  • Sites hosted on High Quality Super Servers
  • Many hosts and providers choose the cheapest option they can when purchasing hardware. In many cases the ‘server’ is of a quality that you wouldn’t even trust for your home PC. Our Data centre uses only high quality Dell servers and their constant R&D ensures that servers are robust and built to perform.

  • Latest technology – Hardware Replacement
  • Hardware will fail; it’s just a matter of when. To reduce the risks our provider has a maximum lifecycle policy of 3 years on our servers to always keep our fleet up-to-date with the latest technology.

  • Low contention Ratios Ensure Server resources are not Overloaded
  • The common trend by most hosting providers that offer ‘cheap’ pricing is to squeeze as many customers onto each server, in some cases over 500+ accounts on a single server. This leads to never ending problems due to system resources constantly running at a high load. Zoom
    Digital has a policy of allowing any given server to reach only 70% utilization, before it’s deemed full.

  • Independent Redundant Name Servers and Backup Mail Server
  • Name servers are responsible for transferring your domain name into an IP address. This is how computers find your website when someone looks up your domain name. Most hosting companies run their name servers on the same network as your website and in many cases on the same server. If that goes down, so does your website and your email. Zoom Digital uses geographically dispersed name servers for increased redundancy, which also translates into faster response times for looking up domain names. This is very important for SEO and related marketing initiatives.

  • Zoom Digital Hosting – No Contract Agreement
  • We believe our services and support are second to none and our clients choose to be with us – we don’t need to force them into a contract! Any Zoom Digital clients (excluding those taking hardware leases) are free to leave our services without any fuss. We only ask for 30 days notice to tidy up all the loose ends. That said, we’re sure our services and support will delight anyone who entrusts their IT services to us! We guarantee it!